Ways To Help

Prayer – most important! 

We would really value your prayers.  We remain pioneers of this project in Harrogate, stepping out in faith and we would really appreciate you praying that God will give us direction, guidance and wisdom as we progress with more houses, God has been so gracious to us with our first four houses.

Regular Giving 

We would be grateful for your support with the finances of Lifeline.  Please make any cheques payable to Lifeline (Harrogate) Limited.  For single donations please note our bank account details are as follows;
CAF Bank Account Number :  00027260
CAF Bank Sort Code : 40-52-40
Account Name : Lifeline (Harrogate) Ltd
If you would like to make a regular monthly donation please could you contact admin@lifelineharrogate.co.uk or carl@lifelineharrogate.co.uk.
You could also give via Stewardship website at https://www.give.net/20303580..
Thank you so much

Sponsor a Room for just 50p per day!

We currently have 15 rooms in 5 houses that provide a safe and independent space for our residents. We provide new bedding, towels and toiletries when someone new arrives together with any other things that make the house feel like a home to them - this might be a picture on a wall, a radio or a 2nd hand bicycle. We rely on donations to be able to do this. 

If you would like to help support us in our work and sponsor a room for just 50p per day, please contact our administrator Ruth by email: admin@lifelineharrogate.co.uk or phone 07541 455508.
We will provide you with updates about how your donation is being used.

We have some voluntary positions that we'd like to fill, as below.  If you can assist in any way with these, our would like to discuss further, please contact Carl.

Pastoral Care Team ~ Oversight to our Housing & Support Officers

We are looking for a person to provide ongoing support for our Housing & Support Officers in day-to-day issues.  This will involve being an 'ear' for our Housing officer to bounce ongoing pastoral issues off and a sounding board for ideas of how they can best support our residents.

Pastoral Care Team  ~ Ongoing Support

We  visit the residents regularly and serve them according to their needs.  The pastoral care team prays for the residents and assist the residents with rehabilitation, managing bills, family advice, training, job creation and employment.  This is a critical area to see lives transformed.  This is in recognition of Jesus’ teachings in ‘going the extra mile’ and ‘standing up for justice’.  We must seek to be imitators of God.

Examples of pastoral care include;
  • Weekly Visits
  • A friendly chat and a listening ear over a cup of tea and sharing a meal together
  • Practical help with phone calls and correspondence to Housing Benefit etc…
  • Praying regularly for the tenant
  • Accompanying to appointments
  • Transportation to appointments or an event they just can’t otherwise get to
  • Inviting residents to church
  • Helping the residents with budgeting through a short course like the CAP course
  • Helping the residents keep the house tidy by setting up a cleaning rota
  • Assisting into voluntary work
  • Assisting into employment
  • Invitation to an Alpha course or something similar
  • Fortnightly cleaning by volunteers
  • Delivering or taking away furniture
  • Having the tenants over for a meal
  • Running a life skills course
  • Outings to the cinema or bowling
  • Introducing residents to other people in the community
  • Acting as peacemaker for domestic tiffs
  • An understanding of where the resident is and where he or she was when they started off in the property

Fund Raising / Event Organiser

Whether that be ad-hoc events that you could organise for Lifeline or taking charge of the overall fund-raising objectives for Lifeline any help is greatly appreciated.